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Additional words of Lord Krishna

If I could complete the great chronicle The Bhagavad Gita I would add some words for Arjuna…

Additional words of Lord Krishna.

Arjuna didn’t say anything, because when it silence the God can share with his wise words:

Arjuna, tell people that the time they are living is given to get rid of all the attitudes of the mind and principles. I give complete freedom to every soul, the organs of perception so that they can get in touch with me, but they complicate everything themselves. The mind was given to analyze and communicate, to serve each other. The function of the mind is to fluctuation. Any hesitation brings you back to me. By harnessing the mind, you create silence, my voice is heard in silence, you call it «intuition.

In your prayers, you call me and ask for something. But I’m creating a mirror image of you. The universe is designed to maintain balance. If I have given you a healthy body, it is only so that you can turn to me without obstacles and serve people.
When addressing me, do not say «give», say «what can I do for you» in response, you will hear that the same thing. I’m here to help.

I’m everywhere. I’m always with you. but I can be heard where the noises of minds are muffled. my voice is heard through your thoughts, you feel my presence through your heart, sometimes I am present in the image of your teacher, but sometimes I leave him and move into your children or other people. I’m everywhere.

In difficult moments, always know that in years you will understand why they came. All the difficulties are the beginning of a dialogue with me.

I will lay in you the ability to see the future. Only by feeling the present will you see the future. Meditate on me without expectations

Character is just the coloring of your consciousness and the totality of your habitual patterns of behavior. Don’t tie yourself to the character. Don’t waste energy on your image. You’re free. Don’t stray from your nature. So we will be united.

Condemnation is a tool of devaluation. Gratitude is a tool of generation. Remember for the practice of yoga that butterflies fly because they are light.

Remember, where there is drama, there is place for an inflated ego or there is spiritual knowledge.

Share knowledge if asked.

Now people avoid each other for fear of catching each other’s toxicity. fools. you are free from all beliefs. you have the tools to exhale what you don’t need. you are not this, you are not that. meditation, yoga, concentration of attention on me are the tools.
When you can not hear me, I give a situation so that you can understand that you are going the wrong way.
how do I bless you?  when you born in heatly body is blessing. when you meet mutual love, it is a blessing and dharma. when you learn a new skill, it is a blessing. when you meet teachers, it is the highest blessing.

how do I thank you? do you want to know? I know how to thank and I know how to approve of actions-these are different things. Through the mouths of others, strangers, I thank you. I approve of you through the eyes or gestures of other people. Only by communicating with him, you can understand this. Learn to read the gestures and facial expressions of people, later you will begin to understand the language of animals. The gratitude and love of animals is the highest gratitude that I send to you.
and last words were created not by me.

but below mentioned words changed a lot in my mind let me leave as quote:

I admire this simple fact that trees and flowers never complain if they do not get water. They get healtheir or weaker, even go bad depending the circumstances. This may only apply to indoor flowers, but outdoor plants also survive in natural flow energy: nature like this gives us good energy in our lives endlessly, like as they grow faster when it rains.» Hidekisan Innoue.